Waterfalls to Watch out in Cebu!

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As water falls from a steep height of a river or stream, a waterfall is formed that becomes cooler and cooler as it approaches the body of water below, Cebu has lot of them, and they really are so cooool and clear. Cliff jumping is one of the favourite activities many travellers preferred and opted to explore the waterfalls in this God-blessed, water-rich province that quenches your thirst. One of the main attractions in the island province of Cebu is their waterfalls located strategically in deep forest or near the city or wherever they are; you will find them easily within the province.

Waterfalls Kawasan Falls | Badian, Cebu

We are proud to let you know 11 of Cebu's famous and most accessible waterfalls the province had produced, and they are not necessarily in this order of preference nor are they alphabetically arranged, you just sort them out and find the best for you, but finding less than two will surely leave you hanging, so, better read them and grab them all!

Waterfalls to Watch out in Cebu!


Tumalog Falls, Oslob

Tumalog, Oslob | Cebu, Philippines
Tumalog Tumalog Falls, Oslob Cebu(Photo by: https://enchantingphilippines.wordpress.com)

This waterfall, or waterfalls we may say is a truly raw beauty, consist of different segments, meaning the water flows in different directions before it descend in a common stream. The water really is oozing with coolness; you will enjoy dipping on its stream and climb its sticky and mouldy bedrock which are not so steep. The surrounding is magnificently virgin; no other sign of activities could make the travellers be disturbed and the falls had multiple steps where the water cascades gently.


Kawasan Falls in Badian

Badian, Cebu, Philippines | Cebu, Philippines
Kawasan Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu(Photo by: filipinasforforeigners.com)

The Kawasan falls consist of three waterfalls, the first one is the largest. The other two are uphill, where water from the first came from them. The Kawasan falls is a “horsetail” (descending water maintains some contact with bedrock) type of waterfall, the area though had some sign of development. But the falls are still there, with its stream much wider you could use raft to float while enjoying the scenery. There are cottages available for rent, mini-restaurants and rooms for overnight stays.


Dao Falls in Samboan

Samboan | Cebu, Philippines
Dao Dao Falls, Samboan, Cebu (Photo by: www.flickr.com/photos/lanzeamp/8379150480)

Samboan is the last municipality in the southwest side of Cebu Province and it is 150 km from Cebu City. And you cannot go wrong finding the Dao waterfalls. The falls is about 120 meters in height and looks like a gorge with its basin almost six feet deep. It is the highest waterfalls in all of Samboan, we were told, and it is a “fan” type of falls wherein the water descends while remaining in contact with the bedrock.


Batad-batad Falls, Moalboal

Moalboal | Cebu, Philippines
Batad-batad Batad-batad Falls, Moalboal, Cebu (Photo by: www.flickr.com/photos/129547321@N08/)

Cebu never runs out of water really, they keep coming to refresh us during this steamy and hot summer, and the Batad-batad falls is one of them which had declare an “all-out war to humid summer”. This falls fall (ooops, pardon the pun!) under the “horsetail” type of waterfall, as it descent it manages to have some contact with the bedrock, but it has more space underneath the falls for much cooler sensation. Standing on its base for a while, you will feel the water massaging your body and the feeling is relaxing, you would not want to leave anymore.


Aguinid Falls, Samboan

Samboan | Cebu, Philippines
Aguinid Aguinid Falls, Samboan, Cebu (Photo by: www.ivessplash.com)

This waterfall is considered the most accessible in Samboan and has one of the cheapest entrance fees, you can almost enter the site “pro bono” (for free), we say “almost”, but not quite. The Aguinid waterfalls have four levels running in series that flows along the Tangbo River and many locals gathered here for picnics because of its easy accessibility. These falls could be considered as “multi-step” type. The levels are not too far from each other, though; you are like trekking four mini dams if you want to reach all the levels. The fourth level is much higher at 30 meters, and only few tried to go here, you might be the one who could scale this peak.


Mantayupan Falls, Barili

Barili | Cebu, Philippines
Mantayupan Mantayupan Falls, Barili, Cebu (Photo by: www.flickr.com/photos/kaye4035)

Famous as the highest waterfall in Cebu and one of the most stunning, the Mantayupan Falls proudly stands 98 meters (321 feet) and have two levels with the first having a three-way flow of water. And this falls is huge! You could hear its rumbling sound created by the flow of water as it passes through rocks!


Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan

Cebu, Philippines
Inambakan Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan (Photo by: www.flickr.com/photos/elmarshox)

Ginatilan is a quiet town and many tourists flock here because of the serenity of the place. The Inambakan Falls is a prime attraction, although the way to it is mainly remote: campers, mountain climbers, rappelling enthusiasts and certainly the cliff divers roam this place for adventure. Children could be taken here but must be guided by adults as its roadway require crossing ankle-deep and stony river and crossing narrow bridge is not typically conducive to small children unless they are well-guarded. This could be most appropriate and exciting for young and adult nature trippers!


Busay Falls in Camotes Islands

Camotes Islands | Cebu, Philippines
Busay Busay Falls in Camotes Islands (Photo by: www.flickr.com/photos/mikeincebu)

The cascading water of Busay Falls in the Camotes Islands is believed to be therapeutic. It will make you relax and feel the gushing water all over your body, and that is therapeutic enough. The falls is just a 20-minute walking distance from Barangay General Tudela, Camotes Islands. The falls' surrounding was damaged heavily by typhoon Yolanda, but now is being restored to its former glory by the local government with the cooperation of private groups. The falls on its part, remained stunning and naturally preserved and still giving off clear and cool cascading water.


KanAmno Falls, Boljoon

Boljoon | Cebu, Philippines
KanAmno KanAmno Falls, Boljoon (Photo by: tenminutes.ph)

Boljoon is one of the oldest towns in Cebu and it is really breathtaking to trek its coast and mountain ranges! Oh, yes, the town boast of hilly and slightly above sea-level a land surface, which is why it is so exciting to traverse its roads. The KanAmno Falls, however, is well-hidden in Lower Becerril, a barangay in the town, and the falls will give you refreshing and cool feeling just staying besides its surrounding. The scenery is really extra-ordinary!


Gaas Falls in Balamban

Balamban | Cebu, Philippines
Gaas Gaas Falls in Balamban (Photo by: www.flickr.com/photos/12872431@N00)

Gaas falls is not so high and the stream is not quite wide, but the surrounding is really pure and elegant, you could hear only the purling water and the chirping of birds. The falls is classified as a “punchbowl” as it descends in a constricted form then spreads out. Gaas is a first class municipality, there is something that could be done to develop this falls, and torrential arrival of more tourists would be inevitable.


Mangitngit Falls, Carmen

Cebu, Philippines
Mangitngit Mangitngit Falls, Carmen (Photo by: istorya.net)

Besides the famous caves and tropical forest of Carmen, a mere 40 km away north of Cebu City, this roaring but gracious waterfall characterize the virgin nature of the environment. This blossoming town, famous for its “sinamay” industry, is host to the wonders of the Mangitngit Falls; you will be falling if you missed this in your itinerary. Lush vegetation that surrounds the falls and the abundance of natural spring has not been totally explored.

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