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Cebu Republic Joins Scott Kelby Annual Worldwide Photowalk 2018

For the fourth straight year, Cebu Republic has been actively participating in the annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk where photographers in all corners and cities of the world gather together to socialize, share and inspire.... Read More »

Cebu Republic joins The 8th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2015- “People’s Choice” Winner from Cebu City

Mr. Scott Kelby announces grand prize winner The recently concluded 8th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk photo contest had been announced recently by none other than Mr. Scott Kelby himself through his website... Read More »

The Cebu Cosplayers Club: They Finally Met (CosMeet 2015)

The Meeting of the Year! June 27, 2015, marked another historic time on Cebu’s calendar of events. It was the day the much awaited CosMeet of Cebu Cosplayers Club (CCC) was finally held! And their meeting was one in the books!... Read More »

Cebu Republic: Summer_Jam Band_Battle, the Clash in 2015

Summer is simmering and Cebu Republic wants you to make it intense. If you are one of the best, SHOW IT! Local talents beware! You might be our next target! Get your groove and gears and join the Cebu Republic's Summer_Jam Band_Battle_2015.... Read More »

Let the Sinulog Festival 2015 Begin!

Pit Senyor! The grandest festival in Cebu has begun and tourists are starting to swarm the metro. Starting from the colorful ‘banderitas’ down to the loud beats within shopping malls, locals and tourists alike are already feeling festive. Different... Read More »

Your Guide to Grander SINULOG 2015

Your Guide to Sinulog 2015 Schedule of Activities, Events, Festival Queen, Fluvial Procession, Sinulog Parade, Sinulog Survival Tips, Photos, Videos... Read More »

The Sinulog Festival

If sometime in the past you made a leisure tour of the Philippines without experiencing the thrills and excitement of the SINULOG FESTIVAL in Cebu, you should beat the panties out of your travel agent or tour operator. You have been shortchanged.... Read More »

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