Cebu's 12 Interesting Places with the Tastiest Food

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These places are the best in Cebu when you talk about sumptuous food, whether served raw or cooked to your likings. The places are everywhere and their kitchens are the most sought-after areas of their turfs. Here are the 12 of the most interesting places in Cebu that you may want to savor the delightful taste of their famous cuisine:


Cebu's 12 Interesting Places with the Tastiest Food


Pasil Wet Market

Brgy. Pasil | Cebu City
Variety Tuslob Buwa, Bakasi and Larang in Pasil Wet Market

It is known as a fish market in Brgy. Pasil, Cebu City, the Pasil Wet Market offers various delicacies such as the Tuslob Buwa (literally means “to dip into bubbles”) a decades old recipe which originated here in the 1980s. A native delicacy comprising of pig's brain cooked with secret ingredients as dip and puso, cooked rice wrapped in coconut palm. Tuslob Buwa is primarily an exotic local dip that is a hit among Cebuano's.

Also found within Pasil, is also an exotic food called bakasi (tiger snake moray, a species of saltwater eel) cooked nilarang-style in which the eels are sautéed then stewed in soy sauce. The recipe is classically so good; it's been around Cebu for three decades.

Another one of Pasil's delicious food is the larang, fresh fish cooked in semi-thick soup dish seasoned with variety of herbs, spices, local fruit (such as green mango or tamarind) and vegetables (tomatoes and beans) served steaming hot in early morning before dawn at the wet market.


Katipunan St. Labangon Area

Katipunan St., Barangay Tisa, Labangon | Cebu City
The The Best Food of Katipunan St.

On this street you will find some of Cebu's tastiest. Katipunan St. in Barangay Tisa, Cebu is one of the Labangon Areas' where you could trail the best food joints within the road. There is a variety of cuisine you could enjoy. The famous Siomai sa Tisa, delicious hot chilli sauce and calamansi tasting incredibly good. For one, there is Braddex Batchoy with steamed rice on their menu. They also offer siomai, spring rolls and the ever tasty batchoy.

There is also the famous Alejo's Lechon, one of the crispiest and the tastiest roasted pig on the planet. And if you want mouth-watering halo-halo, you could go to Melton's Halo-Halo, a fine concoction of shaved-ice and variety of fruits such as banana, ube, and jackfruit, sweet beans and topped with ice-cream. You could also find here Simo's Larangan sa Tisa Restaurant, a fine dining with sumptuous variety of seafood in thick soup and many others.


Larsian sa Fuente

Fuente Osmeña | Cebu City
Larsian Larsian sa Fuente(Photo by: baktincorporation

If you want delicious barbecues, you may want to visit Larsian sa Fuente where the best are holed up. This is actually a strip of joints where different kinds of BBQs are lined up in a stall managed by Cebu's people on all walks of life. There is pork and chicken BBQ, chicken intestine, chicken liver, heart, feet, ass and so many other chicken parts along with sausages (longganisa), pork cheeks, pork chunks and muttons and diverse seafood grilled in charcoal on an open pit.

If you want to eat BBQ with rice, you have to order puso (steamed rice wrapped in coconut leaves) to go with the BBQs. Larsian is an open-air area where everybody could dine, chat and whine while the food are served within minutes. It could be found at Fuente Osmeña, Cebu.


Liloan Weekend Market

Liloan Market | Cebu
Liloan Liloan Weekend Market(Photo by:

People who want to go swimming or have some fun during weekends pass by Liloan, Cebu to buy different kinds of food on the town's weekend market. Here you could break your hunger for the tastiest and most splendid food Liloan could offer, like ice candy, lechon, budbud (sweet glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves), masi (homemade pastries), chicken inasal, fresh coconuts, boiled peanut, kamote (sweet potato), ginamos (anchovies), swaki (pickled sea urchin), fresh fruits, balat (fresh sea cucumber), green mangoes, alamang (shrimp paste), grilled seafood and many others.


Caohagan Island seafood

Caohagan Island | Cebu
Caohagan Caohagan Island seafood(Photo by:

Caohagan Island is part of the Olango Chain of Islands off the Coast of Mactan Island. Here, you could not only sightsee, swim, snorkel and dive in its shallow water; there is also a variety of seafood that you could feast on your lunch. The list of fresh seafood that one could find at the island seems endless.

These are only some of those: giant clams, mantis shrimps, prawns, various seashells and fish and many others. You need not worry about the cooking, the fisherman who catches your chosen seafood, and his wife could cook for you and just wait for lunchtime to savor the tastiest and freshest seafood that will gaze your picky palates. The ladies of the house in Caohagan are “certified” culinary experts with seafood.

Consolacion Consolacion talaba(Photo by: Politics Cafe

If you crave for the tastiest talaba (oysters) in town, you might want to explore Mang Temyong's Talaba Farm at Tayud, Consolacion Cebu. There are various stalls here that serve the best oysters that you could find. Basically grilled in charcoal, the oysters are cooked while inside the shell so as not to burn them. The taste is really out of this world! You could feast with these oysters with hanging rice (puso).

While just minutes away is the Co Jordan Bangus and Talaba Eatery, where bangus (milkfish) and grilled talaba are their specialties. There are cottages that could be rented while you taste their heavenly-sent seafood delights.


Ginabot and street foods in Lapu-lapu

Across GMC, Lapu-lapu City | Cebu
Proposed Ginabot and street foods in Lapu-lapu(Photo by:

One of the cheapest street foods could be found in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu in stalls lined up in sidewalks while eaters are in pungko-pungko (squatting position, while sitting in low benches). Most of the foods are fried such as pork intestines (ginabot), pork brain (utok), pork fat (tambok), meat balls (bola-bola), pork tongue (dila), fried spring rolls (ngohiong) and many other pork assorted parts.

The food here is not only cheap and delicious; you could eat first and pay later, just pick your preferred food in trays and then pay after you ate.


NL Cafe

2nd street, Reclamation Area | Cebu City
Best Best Balbacua at NL Cafe(Photo by:

Want to taste the best balbacua in the city? You could find this at NL Café located at 2nd street, Reclamation Area, Cebu Port Center (opposite SM, back of Sungold).

Balbacua is similar to kare-kare without the peanut butter and the vegetables. And you could swear it is the tastiest and most delicious balbacua ever cooked! NL Café also serves pochero, lansiao, ulo sa kanding, humba, kalderetang kambing, kinilaw na isda, sunlutan, beefsteak, paklay, dugo-dugo, pagi (manta ray cooked linarang-style), bakasi, crispy pata, almohada, sha-e, chicharon bulaklak and many more.


High Blood Station

Mabolo | Cebu City
Luscious Luscious crispy dinuguan at High Blood Station(Photo by: Gino Visitacion

Also known as Pareng Vic's Carenderia, High Blood Station is located in the hearth of Mabolo, Cebu City. If you are seeking for truly amazing and the finest menus, try their tasty pork sinigang, their delicious pochero, luscious crispy dinuguan, the ever mouth-watering ginabot and other blockbuster cuisines you could ever imagine.

The name is just synonymous to the excitement you will feel when you dine at this carenderia, where the best meets the less fat in your recipes.


SuTuKil Mactan

Within the Mactan Shrine in Lapu-lapu City | Cebu
SuTuKil Sugba Tuwa Kilaw - Sutukil

Still, one of the tastiest seafood in the island, SuTuKil Mactan offers you some of the variety of seafood cooked elegantly. Within the Mactan Shrine in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, are wide arrays of restaurants lined-up along the street which serves the freshest catch of the day by the local fishermen. The restaurant will cook your picked seafood in 3 different ways: Su for sugba (grilled), Tu for tula (broth, basically cook with seaweeds and spices as garnishes) and Kil for kilawin (raw fish salad, perfect as appetizer for beer).

The sutukil restaurants will allow you to choose among the variety of seafood in their menu and let you select how your food is prepared among the 3 choices. Among the choice seafood are lobsters, shells, crabs, fresh fish, prawns and seaweeds.


Entoy's Bakasihan

Cordova | Cebu
Piniritong Piniritong bakasi at Entoy's Bakasihan(Photo by: Entoy's Bakasihan)

Entoy's Bakasihan is probably oldest and most famous restaurant serving bakasi in Buwagsong, Cordova Cebu. Bakasi (salt water eel) is in abundance in the area because of its tidal flats are mostly grassy and muddy which are conducive to the eel's sustenance.

The restaurant serves the linarang-bakasi in hoards as customers lined up to taste the perfectly-cooked eel sautéed in soy sauce with black beans and soured with tamarind and other secret spices enhancing a blend that makes the recipe deliciously tasty . The bakasi is also locally believed as an aphrodisiac. Other menus include piniritong (fried) bakasi, kinhason, adobong nokos, guso and pasayan, ginamos and bihod sa suwaki among others.


SRP - Farmers' Market at the South Road Properties

South Road Properties | Cebu City
SRP SRP - Farmers' Market at the South Road Properties

The SRP (South Road Properties) is hosting a weekend farmers' market at this site every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on which the local farmers are given the chance to sell their produce without the middlemen so you are sure of lower prices for fruits and vegetables that are sold at this market.

The vegetables and fruits on sale include cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, long beans, carrots, eggplants, potatoes, and corn still with husks, mangoes, bananas, avocado, jackfruit and many others that could give you an endless supply of energy through these varieties of goods.

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