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We're a bunch of professionals and writers who love Cebu. We're passionate about its fascinating night life, its historic heritage, its wild and crazy bargain shopping, its beautiful island resorts and its crisp and crunchy Lechon Cebu.

We founded www.ceburepublic.com because we want you to know and experience Cebu the way we experience it... with such great fun and pleasure! There is more to explore... more to discover... and more to enjoy about Cebu. This is why we are committed to make our website visitors know Cebu from "head-to-toe"...

At Cebu Republic you'll know the what, who, when and where of any fun event, sports challenge or fashion roll-out. We'll show you the way to the best out-of-town hideaways and point you where you can get your car fixed for a song! We intend to become the top website for Cebu so we'll let you in on the A's to Z's of this city that never sleeps!

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