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Campo 4, Talisay | Cebu, Philippines
Rappelling in Campo 4, Talisay, Cebu
Rappelling in Campo 4, Talisay, Cebu

The Cebu Republic Rappelling will not left you "hanging"; Rappelling is perfectly exciting and will boost your adrenaline till the sun comes down. One of the places best offered by the island in rappelling is by the bridge in the town of Talisay which lies within the Metro Cebu area so you do not have to go farther. The place is known as Campo 4 (literally, "fourth camp") and it is not a military camp!

By rappelling, we mean descending ( with a harness) a high or steep inclined structure by using two ropes secured above and placed around the body, the movement though, must be gradual so as not to hurt any part of your body. But the bridge is not inclined as you may wonder. Yes, it is not, and that is where the excitement is! You have nothing to grip but the rope and its buckles. Isn't that exciting? Just like the training of marines and soldiers we see on television. This activity will certainly develop your quick thinking skill and you will sweat a lot and burn those cellulites! And if you think you are healthy enough, then this activity will maintain your figure and good health, and that is by rappelling basic stroke.

You can do acrobatic moves while you are rappelling when you think that you are an expert enough to execute semi-stunt manoeuvres, like a lizard (in an upside down position and the butterfly stroke- not the swimming style though, but rappelling by descending using the breast)

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