Cebu Republic Presents: PHOTOJAM "Think Film, Shoot Digital" (Season 1)

Think Film, Shoot Digital!

Here comes again the Cebu Republic, the foremost organization which will lead you to everything! This time they will shoot you! No! Not the usual gunpowder effect, but shooting with real and digital cameras! And it's their anniversary. The Cebu Republic Community (CRC), one of the most successful private organizations in Cebu that had recently concluded the Summer_Jam Band_Battle_2015, which was widely acclaimed and admired throughout the Philippines and perhaps around the globe, will be undergoing some facelift, or shall we say, digitally enhanced lifts.

Cebu Republic Presents: PHOTOJAM Think Film, Shoot Digital

Come July 18, 2015, the Cebu Republic will commemorate its founding anniversary with a bang! As part of the Republic's celebration of the event, the adventure group will be visiting and camp at Pit-os Mountain (Talamban Cebu) on said date and will conduct PhotoJam workshop for CRC members and other people of the Community.

For the men and women of the Republic, this is a once in a life-time opportunity to absorb the growing popularity of digital photography and the best time to flirt with nature. Cebu's good all-year round weather condition and its composition of diverse natural wonders will not let the photographers' memory card empty.

The event will be highlighted by different activities conducive to Digital Photography and with Oruko Saki Chongbit (Professional Photographer, also a son of Cebu) as instructor. The following modules will be the program of action:

  • I- Introduction
  • II-Understanding Composition
  • III-Seeing
  • IV-Composition Fundamentals
  • V-Geometry (Lines and Shapes)
  • VI-Shooting Best Practices
  • VII-Balance Revisited
  • VIII-Light
  • VIX-Workshop - Finding Light
  • X-Colour
  • XI-Guiding the Viewer
  • XII-Workshop - Foreground and Background
  • XIII-Layers
  • XIV-Post Production
  • XV-Conclusion
Cebu Republic PHOTOJAM (Photos by: Oroku Saki Chongbit)

The Place to Shoot

Pit-os Mountain, a mountain resort and one of a kind mountains in Cebu is an awesome venue for digital photography, with its grandeur and beautifully crafted natural environment which include old houses, wooden furniture, cliffs and hangers, lush of greens, local potteries, breathtaking sceneries and other nature's wonders that will bring lots of interests.

Some of the inhabitants have settled within the mountain range for years, but most of the surroundings remain un-touched through the years despite the development. The views are exquisitely fitted for fine photography and one of Cebu's pried and jewel. These new generation of future photographers, courtesy of the Republic may once be yet another pried of Cebu that will take the world by storm! But first, they will have to appease themselves with some basics of photography, though. And this venue is most likely their launching pad.

Band Playing After PhotoJam

The PhotoJam sessions and workshop will start at 10AM of July 18, 2015 and ends at 6PM. The event will be followed by The Cebu Republic Anniversary Party accompanied by the Band Jamming sessions starting at 6PM with the Cebu Republic Community Bands.

Photography enthusiasts are invited to the event to learn more on the craft. For more details, they can contact their respective CRC officers for information.

A memorable experience will surely bring joy and excitement as these events culminate the hard work the Cebu Republic Community rendered the past years to make Cebu more vibrant and alive for the thrill seekers.

The PhotoJam program will be an overnight affair, with the participants camping on the mountain's ground to witness the band playing in the evening. Is this some sort of continuation of the battle of the bands? Your guess is good as the CRC's mind! But first, they will photograph memories.

The Cebu Republic Community

Cebu Republic, an organization launched on July 18, 2014 by the people who just love Cebu. As they attested, "To explore Cebu with the City's most trusted entertainment guide, powered by local experts. Finding what are hot restaurants, beaches, hotels, bars, events and reviews." So, as part of their solemn duties, they are sponsoring this event to give local talents a chance to shine.

Composed mainly of writers and professionals, Cebu Republic members were passionate about Cebu's fascinating nightlife, its historical heritage, its wild and crazy bargain shopping, its beautiful island resorts, its crunchy and crispy lechon and so much more that will make the city an economic powerhouse in the future.

The members claimed, the primary reason they have founded the republic is to educate the people the way they experience Cebu, and consequently make them aware of the city's potential, its great fun and pleasure, and the fact that there are so many things to explore and discover in Cebu.

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