The Basura Asa Ka Campaign: If You Can't Be A Part, Support It!

Cebu Republic   March 02, 2016   News & Features

What's It All About?

The “Basura Asa Ka” campaign is an environmental awareness crusade in Cebu aimed at getting people to manage their garbage properly and throw their waste and refuse in ways that will help protect and sustain our natural surroundings, not only for ourselves, but for our kids and their kids.

Basura Asa Ka? Stop Harming the Environment!

The people behind this noble undertaking aren't your usual business bigwigs or entertainment celebrities or even well-known sports personalities. These are guys who simply care about preserving mother nature and keeping our communities clean.

The “Basura Asa Ka” Photo Contest

In support of this lofty crusade, a city-wide photo contest was conceived and organized by their group, known online as Cebu Mountaineering Alliance Inc. in-cooperation with Cebu Republic and Outdoor Perspective Cafe. This “Basura Asa Ka” photo contest's objective was to draw wider attention to the whole deplorably deteriorating situation, which for everyone should be cause for alarm. With the photo entries' relevance, creative power and force, it is hoped that they will strongly influence people into doing what's right in regard to treating Mother Nature a lot better.

As of this writing the collation, evaluation and final judgments on all photos entered into this environment-friendly effort shall have been announced with the winning pieces exhibited in various shopping malls, schools and colleges across Cebu.

So What Was In It For The Participants?

Two important rewards awaited those who participated in this key environmental event: 1) Had one's photo entry, been adjudged to be the best, the photographer, professional or not shall have won a P3,000 cash prize along with the publicity and the exposure his/her piece and name would have been enjoying in the exhibits that were slated to run till January 31, 2016, and, perhaps even more importantly, 2) Win or lose, a photo participant would have been experiencing the emotional benefit, the personal satisfaction of having done something for our environment.

Naturally, for the rest of the other honorable mentioned photo entries, there were consolation prizes of gift certificates, and as well, exposure for the top 30 photos during the exhibits.

Raw Realism In The Photography Shots

The organizers of this photo contest wanted to ensure the participants captured the true and real status of Cebu city's environment. They made it a “must' for the shots to originate from the raw state of ugliness or beauty (depending on how the shooter might have seen them) of real, low-down spots like the scenes under Mactan Bridges 1 and 2 , what may have been polluted rivers and beaches around the Cordova area, Talima on Olango Island, the esteros and rivers of Mandaue City, which led to the sea and which typically displayed wanton violations of garbage disposal, the Guadalupe and Tabuan rivers, Barangay Tinago River and Tejero creek, Inayawan dumpsite and Pardo river and Piers 1,2 & 3.

These photos shall have looked you straight in the eye and begged for something to be done. This was Cebu Republic's way of reaching out and touching each and every Cebuano who cares.

LOCATION 1: “The Imaginary Playground”

Under mactan 1 and 2 bridge and with-in 20 metters both sides (Photos by: Nas Laguna)

LOCATION 2: “There are so many problems to solve on this planet first before we begin to trash other worlds.”

Cordova area rivers and beaches (Photos by: Cevin Kartero)

LOCATION 3: “The stark contrast between God-made trees and man-made waste.”

Talima in Olanggo Island (Photos by: Jesse Rey Anog)

LOCATION 4: “This looks like the “River of no return” … no return to nature’s own”

Mandaue City - Estero or rivers leading to the sea, or any significant areas within the city which displays rampant violations of garbage disposal. (Photos by: Dave Lemuel Piñero)

LOCATION 5: “Despite the overflowing trash and the possible negative effects to his health, the man continues to gather sand from the riverside of Guadalupe river to provide his family's needs.”

Guadalupe river and Tabuan river. (Photos by: Ray Vincent Cañoneo)

LOCATION 6: “Poor young fish With tons of polluted garbage, they’re dead before they can even grow.”

Brgy. Tinago river and Tejero creek (Photos by: Anthony A. Navarre)

LOCATION 7: “With creeks like this, there could be hope, if only ….”

Mabolo creek and SM creek (Photos by: Michol Sanchez)

LOCATION 8: “Lonesome hunter, waiting for the next meal...”

UC Mambaling rivers and Pasil river (Photos by: Francisco Pajares Jr.)

LOCATION 9: “Cry out loud to get the site cleaned! Imagine he’s your kid.”

Inayawan dumpsite and Pardo river (Photos by: Ivan M. Langit)

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