The Cebu Cosplayers Club: CosMeet 2015

Cebu Republic   June 05, 2015   Adventures & Sports Arts & Entertainment

Cebu cosplayers have something to do on June 27. Cebu Cosplayers Club will be there! Cosplaying, literally means costume play, is a performance art in which participants, called cosplayers, wear adorable, colorful and fashionable costume reflecting their favorite character or idea. The fashion became known and widely practiced in the 90s primarily in Japan that became widespread worldwide through the years.

In Cebu, the Cebu Cosplayers Club (CCC) was founded in August of 2007 that started as a hobby for its practitioner. The Club officially debuted on November 18, 2007 and since then; the hobby group became the premier club of its kind in Cebu. The members are bonded by a common aim: to promote enthusiasm among its members and create more fashionable costume and raise the standards of the hobby in the community.


Since its inception, the CCC has shown intensive growth in members. Although not active before as the storm surge in Cebu, each member tried to reach for the club’s goals which now include the promotion and activation of CosMeet events. In this regard, the Cebu Cosplayers Club will have their CosMeet (Cosplayers Meet-up) on June 27, 2015, Saturday, to be held at Tomo Café in Nasipit Talamban, Cebu City at 10AM up to 6PM. This day could run up in the history of Cebu’s cosplaying field.

The event hopes to achieve an open venue for hobbyists and cosplayers from different parts of Cebu and be housed in a common roof for a day of fun and interaction, and thus create excitement and bonding, without the hassle of competition and rivalry. The event would be an open arena for discussion and meeting of the minds and promises its return for the service of the entire community.

As part of the CosMeet, CCC will have its CosPlay Marketplace which is a new feature for the club members that could be both beneficial to Cebu’s cosplayers and enthusiast alike who want to have a secure avenue to trade or sell off their un-utilized items such as wigs, props, costumes and other cosplay accessories. Under this marketplace system, any member could buy or trade item/s with co-members and guest enthusiast upon agreed terms and amount.


However, only limited items could be trade or sell off. The sellers are advised to bring in 6 items as the maximum number for easy tracking and vending. The one in-charge of this affair is Mr. Jess Russel Yap Tan, as the head overseer. This system could be continued online, just like the usual method applicable today in website marketing, once this idea is deemed successful.

CCC officials advised their members who would attend the event to refrain from wearing costumes with heavy armor, at least for this meet, as the event is for friendly interaction and socializing activity only and they should be as comfortable as could be during the event.

Some of the agenda to be discussed during the meet would be the role of the club to where it would stand in promoting its goals and other important matters. The character each cosplayer wears symbolizes the enigma of transformation by clothing and accessories, but here in Cebu, the cosplayers will transform a nation, starting with their own.

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