Don't Miss Out on The Beautiful Beaches of Cebu

Cebu Republic   May 29, 2014   Tours & Sightseeing
Don't Miss Out on The Beautiful Beaches of Cebu Rene Ybanez

Many nights I dream of being stranded on a island beach in Cebu with Jennifer Lopez. And just when things are getting to be a bit interesting, I wake up. And I hate myself for waking up! Bitterly, I ask myself … Why should I wake up just when J.LO and I were beginning to enjoy the sensual feel of wet sand on our bare feet? But reality does bite and the next best thing I do is get a cold shower, make some wild plans about hopping off to Cebu, Philippines again and get back to bed, extremely determined not to dream about being shipwrecked and stranded on another island with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you’re one of those who go bananas over beaches but haven’t been to Cebu, take my word for it. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor by getting a plane ticket to that destination the next time you’re able to save up for that long-deserved travel.

You talk of Cebu, you’re talking beaches.

I’d like to share with you a few of these seemingly pacific dreamlands to which I had been and enjoyed immensely their scenic beauty, natural cleanness of the seashore, the clear, aqua-tainted waters, the cool breeze, the glorious sunrises and romantic sunsets. There are a lot others to be sure, but I’d be talking over my head if I wrote about  these places I haven’t been to, much less experienced. And so on the following beach resorts, what I write about is what I have personally discovered, felt, observed and enjoyed:


Santa Fe Beach on Bantayan Island

Nature that had been designed to almost leave untouched its green backside garden which faces a panoramic view of a mostly calm and serene ocean,  gently patting the hems of a smooth shoreline. The beach itself fine white sand, quiet emerald water, perfect for a weekend of relaxing and lounging around.

It is here where families and barkadas on week-ends, frolic, playfully splashing each other with the refreshing sea water in an unconscious, spontaneous display of familial bonding.

Alongside the beach, stands an elevated, rustic wooden structure that houses a cozy, open restaurant and a veranda that’s constantly hugged by a passionate breeze from what looks like an endless horizon of pristine, aqua-colored Pacific sea.

Best Bantayan Island Beach Resorts


Mactan Shangri-la Hotel and Resort

Among the various resorts and beaches in this island province of Cebu, Mactan Shangri-la gets the cake. This is top of the line, the “crème de la crème” (Best of the best) where, because of its pricey rates, mostly only the rich and famous (or those who’d like to be perceived as rich and famous) frequent. Me? While I’ve been here a few times, my movements have generally been confined to the coffee shop or at the cocktail bar in the company of a newly-met pretty Cebuana who needs to be buttered up and impressed.

Mactan Shangri-la has got everything you’d expect from a first class resort.

Best Mactan Island Beach Resorts


Moalboal Beach and Resorts

Aside from its white sands which sets it apart, snorkeling, scuba diving and discovering the intriguing underwater world are just some of the recreational sports this place offers. From here arrangements are made with a professional guide to ensure safety at all levels and to lead diving enthusiasts to where beautiful coral reefs and multi-species marine life can give greenhorns an adrenaline rush quicker and better than a tequila swig.

Best Moalboal Beach and Resorts

Cebu is an island province. It is no wonder that ocean waters surround it, along with a flurry of smaller islands and shoals. Any one in the following list of beaches and resorts in the area can meet the expectations of a beachcomber in want of discovering and experiencing the wonders of Philippine nature:

Best Cebu Beach and Resorts

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