Top 5 of Cebu’s Best Place to Retire

Cebu Republic   May 27, 2015   Health & Beauty News & Features

What is really the best time to retire? Do you have to be 60 or 65 before retiring? Experts advised on individuals, especially those who are stressed or physically or mentally threatened by their usual job, to retire early if they think they are financially stable to do so. Some middle income earners retire early when they are financially independent to enjoy their fruits of labor while they are still young and vibrant. Some would retire to pursue their true calling, and still earn decent living for it.

Life really is short, so some decide to retire from their usual 8 to 5 jobs and settle to an atmosphere where there is serene and prestige to enjoy what little wealth they have accumulated through the years.

Then, there is Cebu, where some of the best places to retire and live harmoniously with nature and within warmth people; will certainly give you and your loved ones peace of mind. So, whether you are an early retiree or not, you have a choice where to spend the rest of your precious time. And we listed some of Cebu’s ideal places to spend the rest of your life of comfort and peace.


Alcoy (SOLA Homes)

Guiwang, Alcoy | Cebu, Philippines 60230
Alcoy Alcoy (SOLA Homes)(Photo by: )

The Sola Homes Retirement Village Inc. in Alcoy, Cebu is near the popularly known Tingko Beach, where the sea-water is pure and the sand is immaculately white. The houses here could be purchased or rented, where one can chose from bungalows, apartment or a two story abode. Built and managed by a respected Filipino-German partnership, the village will not make you idle during your retirement years, as this place is full of activities that you could choose from, such as fishing and snorkeling in the beach. Life is not really boring after retirement when you chose to live in Cebu.


Mactan Newtown

M.L. Quezon National Highway, Lapu-Lapu City | Cebu, Philippines 6015
Mactan Mactan New town(Photo by: Mactan New town

Operated by Megaworld Corporation, one of the advocates of the principle Live-Work-Play-Learn concept, this township is a fully-developed community that gives its residents complete freedom to enjoy retirement. Located at the heart of Mactan, the township is only 45 minutes away from Cebu City and just 15 minutes away from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Complete with modern amenities, the township stands within an island resort, so you will enjoy both the laid-back resort-style surroundings and the business friendly atmosphere. What a great pleasure!



Busay, Cebu City | Cebu, Philippines

The City Lights Garden Condominium in Busay, Cebu is Syntech Properties, Inc. of Singapore’s initial housing project in the area. Built to serve the “active retirees” both local and foreign, the condominium type abode is complete with amenities ranging from swimming pool, sauna (separate for men and women), gym, children’s playground and multi-purpose hall, among others. A truly affordable luxury living. Additionally, the place is near in almost all the necessities of life like hospitals, schools, shopping centers, universities, airport and seaport, recreation and others.


San Remigio

San Remigio | Cebu, Philippines
San Anapog Shorelines in the town of San Remigio, Cebu Philippines (Photo by: Steve Nang)

Considered as one of the cheapest retirement haven, San Remigio Cebu, is also near the beach located at the west coast of the island. This place has many cheap properties (house, lot or both) and many are for rent. San Remigio boast of having Cebu’s longest shoreline and its beaches are described as naturally “extra ordinaire”, where the sand is white and the water clear and pristine. The beaches are typically diving destinations, retiring here seems a never ending adventure and everything is practically cheap, from food to luxury items. There are marine sanctuaries, and every day you could float to the sea and discover the diverse species of sharks, manta rays and other exotic marine life. There are licensed divers and diving shops that will cater to your needs when you decide to dive.



Balamban | Cebu, Philippines
Balamban Aboitizland Property at Balamban (Photo by: Richie Linao)

Balamban Cebu offers some of the majestic scenery in the island. A paradise within a city is rare especially at this time. The Singapore-based developer Syntech Properties, Inc. (the same company involved in Busay Cebu’s condominium development) and their local counterpart initiated this project in Balamban.

This time, the project is called the Active Retirement Community and Organic Farm, comprising of 66 house and lot units, which is expected to be completed within seven years from this date and is primarily designed for active retirees. A mountainous area, Balamban and the community offers an active retirement for their clients, meaning, they have the opportunity to nurture and farm their lot through organic techniques enabling them to be active that is good for their health and what’s more? They will really enjoy the fruits (and possibly vegetables) of their labor.

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