Terms of Service

Cebu Republic (www.ceburepublic.com) website maintained by Cebu IT Professionals and Writers. The users of this website will be provided with services as per the Terms and Conditions below. Cebu Republic is entitled to amend this Terms of Service from time and post changes on related web pages accordingly.

Continued use, access and visit of this website is considered acceptance of this Terms of Service and its amendments. Otherwise, please discontinue the use of this website.

1. Service Introduction

1.1 www.ceburepublic.com provides users with service platforms as well as an upload space.
1.2 The service provider is not liable of the website services, not guarantee user satisfaction from the services. It does not guarantee uninterrupted, safety, accuracy and timeliness of services.

2. Conduct of Users

2.1 Users shall comply with the following rules and regulations, including the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, such as guarding state secrets, copyright laws, computer software regulations protection, provisions of administrations of electronic messaging services on the internet, right protection ordinance of information network transmission and other laws pertinent to the Internet.

At any event when the service provider fairly believes a user violates or does an action that will lead to a potential violation of the laws and regulations mentioned herein, the service provider may terminate this website's services to such user at any time, and without any written notice beforehand.

The service provider welcomes user reports relating to any violation of the aforementioned laws or any rights infringement of any party; such as uploading illegal content or content which constitutes infringements on other's rights. It will unconditionally delete such content, once noticed.

2.2 Users are entirely responsible for the content they upload, transmit and publish.

Users are not allowed to publish, reprint and transmit any content which information:

  • conflicts with the basic principles of the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines;
  • discloses State secrets, sabotage State powers, destroys national unity and threatens to compromise national security;
  • destroys the State's interests and dignity:
  • destructs inter-ethnic unity, triggers racial discrimination and ethnic hatred;
  • destabilizes the religious policy of the State, or spreads feudal superstitions and heretical teachings;
  • propagates rumors which threatens social order and stability;
  • disseminates and promotes pornography, gambling, murder, violence, crime and terrorism;
  • slanders, infringes or insults a third party as well as its lawful rights and interests;
  • contains information, words, documents, software, pictures, music, graphs as well as other materials prohibited by laws.

The service provider reserves the right to delete such information immediately, keep records in accordance to pertinent and reasonable reasons. It has the right to report infringements to competent government authorities.

2.3 Users of this website are prohibited from any of the following:

1. harm minors in any way;
2. impersonate or misrepresent a person or entity;
3. falsify headers or fake identifiers to disguise origin of any content transmitted via the service providers;
4. uploading, posting, emailing, transmitting and making available any content, like inside or confidential information, which a user does not have a right to share; or any content which infringes any patent, copyright, trademark or other rights pertinent to any party's proprietorship;
5. uploading, posting, emailing, transmitting and making available any material containing viruses, computer code, programs and files designed to destroy, limit or halt the functionality of any computer hardware or software or telecommunications device;
6. interrupts servers or website services or its connected networks;
7. disobedience of the rules with regards to website use;
8. violation of any applicable Republic of the Philippines rules, regulations and laws, whether intentionally or unintentionally; and with a purpose of any illegal website use.

Upon noticing any sign of violation, the service provider has the right to request the concerned user to resolve or apply the needed measures immediately. It may likewise act on it directly, such as removing the posted content, suspend or terminate the user's rights and access of website services.

2.4 Storage of User's Information and Restrictions

The service provider is not liable for any deletion or failure to store any message. It has likewise the right to decide, at its discretion, whether the user's conduct is in compliance with this website's Terms of Service. If it believes there is a violation of any provision of the Terms of Service, it has the right to cease the user's ability to access website services.

3. Intellectual Property and Other Rights

3.1 All services on this website and the data contained in its software and protected under the intellectual property laws and other related laws, will remain covered by the service provider. Users of this website authorize the service provider to copy, edit, use, publish, adapt, translate, broadcast, dramatize, act or exhibit all or any part thereof, and / or compile such content into any form existing or for the future. Such authorization is free of charge, irrevocable and permanent; and contains non-exclusive sub-licensable right. All products, patterns, service names and designs remain covered by the service provider and their affiliated companies.

3.2 Users of Cebu Republic allow transfer of their works' copyright to Cebu Republic without charge, and as far as permitted by law. If in case, according to the applicable law, the copyright is non-transferable, the users grant Cebu Republic an exclusive worldwide license for that copyright, and it is irrevocable.

3.3 No using, copying, altering, adapting, publishing, translating, dramatizing, broadcasting, acting, exhibiting of any content on Cebu Republic without the consent of the latter.

4. Disclaimers

4.1 For any information on this website, the service provider does not guarantee of any third party's accuracy, completeness, authenticity and legality. All people and institution are hereby cautioned on whatever decision or action they have come up to, based on the information they get from this website. They are responsible, for and by themselves, to identify the authenticity and accuracy of the information to prevent risks. This website is not responsible for any incidental, direct or indirect liability and damage which result to any action in which this is not the direct counterparty.

4.2 The service provider has the right to, but without any obligation, to amend or modify any mistake or omission on any part of this website.

4.3 The service provider does not give any guarantee with regard to the following, and including but not limited to:

1. this website meeting users' needs;
2. no interruption, timeliness, security, reliability and error-free website service;
3. any service, product or other material users obtained based on information on this website meeting the expectation of the users.

4.4 The service provider is not liable for any incidental, indirect or direct damages incurred with regard to loss of profit, reputation, information or any tangible or intangible loss caused by:

1. unavailability or availability of this website;
2. any product, material or service purchased or obtained based on the information on this website;
3. use of an E-commerce platform through this website, and any adverse effect caused by such;
4. any posted, transferred or uploaded media using this website's name, without authorization, on any third-party;
5. any other matter pertinent to this website.

5. Third Party Liabilities

5.1 If any claim is filed against the service provider by any third party about an uploaded or published content, website connection as well as Terms of Service and any person's rights infringement via this website, users agree to settle the claim and hold no harm to the service provider as well is its affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, cooperative partners and agents.

6. Notice

6.1 In case of any changes to the Terms of Service or on other matters, the service provider will provide notices by page postings or emails.

7. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

7.1 The Terms of Office effect, performance and interpretation will be governed by publicly obtainable Republic of the Philippines rules, laws and regulations. Philippine courts will have special jurisdiction over any dispute with the Terms of Service.

8. Ownership, Distribution and Copyright of Content

8.1 Any third party is not allowed from use and distribution of contents published on this website and on all subdomains associated with ceburepublic.com and the "Cebu Rebublic" brand without the authorization of the copyright holders and representatives of Cebu Republic.

8.2 Cebu Republic is the copyright holder for all of its published authors and their content that are made available via any media or distribution channel.

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