CEBU REPUBLIC: The First anniversary celebration and PhotoJam

The road to the mountain

Last July 18 saw the Cebu Republic Community at Pit-os Mountain, Kabayoan, Upper Agsungot, Cebu as it commemorates its one year of existence in the world's airwaves and the World Wide Web. True to its calling, the Republic gained the upper hand against all odds, primarily on this day!

CEBU REPUBLIC: The First anniversary celebration and PhotoJam Cebu Republic PHOTOJAM (Photos by: Oroku Saki Chongbit)

On that yet another historic date, Cebu was on the standstill, freezing everyone as events unfolded within the Community's reach. Starting at 9:00 AM, the group was gathered at the Gaisano country mall as the meeting place, toiling with more than 10 photographers, photo enthusiasts, participants, not counting the CRC members who joined, they were off to the majestic mountain in droves.

CEBU REPUBLIC: The First anniversary celebration and PhotoJam The serenity and majesty of Pit-os Mountain (Photos by: Louie Plaza)

The journey to the venue was on itself a memorable adventure while climbing up the hill as the view was indescribable! The amazing trek going to the mountain will leave you breathless! Arriving on the place, every one admired the serenity and majesty of Pit-os. Its cozy and cold atmosphere seems like a journey back in time where luscious greens, luxuriant forest and the bird's eye view of metropolitan Cebu could be seen.

The much awaited photo shoots!

Photo session starts led by Mr. Chongbit Photo session led by Mr. Chongbit (Photos by: Dave Pinero)

The group arrived at the venue before lunch time. At 10:30 AM, the photo session starts led by Mr. Chongbit, while the models were busy preparing. Sumptuous lunch was served before the actual photo shoots, which was prepared by chef Nino, with the help of Albur and Brix. Lunch was the perfect time to appreciate the amazing place which is really admirable owing to its natural beauty. The events were hosted and prepared by the tandem of Billy and Tyron.

As soon as the clock hit 2:00 PM, models Gwen, Nabs, Danielle, Alexa and Kim were ready for the shoot! Wearing gowns courtesy of Becketts bridal fashion, they were the subject of the photo shoots where enthusiasts and participants applied what they have learned regarding the following:

  • Understanding Composition
  • Seeing
  • Composition Fundamentals
  • Geometry (Lines and Shapes)
  • Shooting Best Practices
  • Balance Revisited
  • Light
  • Workshop - Finding Light
  • Colour
  • Guiding the Viewer
  • Workshop - Foreground and Background
  • Layers
  • Post Production

The photo shooting began with the beautiful models, donning their elegant gowns, where everyone has their angle of executions done like pros. Then, the chance to shoot the elements in the surroundings, such as antique pieces of potteries, wooden furniture and the natural wonders of Mt. Pit-os never escape the new photographers' lenses. It was truly a wonderful day!

Cebu Republic PHOTOJAM (Photos by: Oroku Saki Chongbit)

The night of unforgettable first anniversary

The evening came, and it was time to celebrate. A team prepared the night's camping tents. At 6:00 PM, Neil opened the welcome remarks, with the introduction of the Republic's crew and guests, and some are given the opportunity to say a few words and to congratulate Cebu Republic on its anniversary, signaling the main event of the evening. Thus, the celebration for the Cebu Republic's first anniversary has begun!

Dinner was served later that evening, followed by an inspiring fellowship. The events that followed, an all-night party till you drop, karaoke challenge (where prizes are given to anyone who could score a perfect 100), camp-fire bonding (where some played the guitar while others were busy doing the barbecues), acoustic bands played their best music and the never ending dance and total entertainment among the members were truly inspirational. Everyone does not want to end the night!

Watch the events as they unfold:

Cebu Republic PHOTOJAM (Random Photos by: Oroku Saki Chongbit, Dave Pinero, Louie Plaza, Regina Marisse, Don Pobre, Charess, Kid Shiki,)

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One year of success, and many more to come!

The celebration was truly successful for the Cebu Republic Community, it did not only gain 365 days, but also gained new friends, expands its reach for different audiences and crowds. The successful events are just the beginning of more events to come courtesy of Cebu Republic!

The Cebu Republic Community

Cebu Republic, an organization launched on July 18, 2014 by the people who just love Cebu. As they attested, "To explore Cebu with the City's most trusted entertainment guide, powered by local experts. Finding what are hot restaurants, beaches, hotels, bars, events and reviews." So, as part of their solemn duties, they are sponsoring this event to give local talents a chance to shine.

Composed mainly of writers and professionals, Cebu Republic members were passionate about Cebu's fascinating nightlife, its historical heritage, its wild and crazy bargain shopping, its beautiful island resorts, its crunchy and crispy lechon and so much more that will make the city an economic powerhouse in the future.

The members claimed, the primary reason they have founded the republic is to educate the people the way they experience Cebu, and consequently make them aware of the city's potential, its great fun and pleasure, and the fact that there are so many things to explore and discover in Cebu.

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