Cebu Republic: Summer_Jam Band_Battle, the Clash in 2015 (plus a Guest Band for the Night)

Cebu Republic's SummerJam  BandBattle 2015

Summer is simmering and Cebu Republic wants you to make it intense. If you are one of the best, SHOW IT! Local talents beware! You might be our next target! Get your groove and gears and join the Cebu Republic's SummerJam BandBattle 2015.

Check out these scheduled elimination nights (Free admission):

  • May 15
  • May 22
  • May 30

Grand Finals:
June 6 (1 ticket 1 beer 1 raffle entry for only Php 150)

Assembly time at the Koa Tree House is 8PM onwards and the Grand Finals will be held on June 6. This is your time to shine and leave your audience in awe.

Before the rain falls in June, Cebu Republic will first treat you to one of the most exciting events that will beat the summer heat. And it will be happening this summer, let Cebu Republic captures your sweat and roar for three nights before the grand finals.

Cebu Republic is proud to introduce to you 4 of the best Guest Bands to wage war and highlight the nights, for the Summer_Jam Band_Battle_2015 and they will literally and definitely rock your world! And they are:


The Gestalt (performing May 15)

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"
The Gestalt (performing May 15) The Gestalt Photos by:

A 4-member musicians and band, the Gestalt hails from Cebu City. Their members are: Ben Simon Robles- vocalist, Wences "Sais" Sarabosing-guitarist/ back-up vocalist, Carlo Salazar- guitars, and Jed dela Torre- drums.

They claimed that the name Gestalt literally means: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". Finely said, the band's genres are rock and experimental music although each member has his own style and influence.

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Foc Fashion (performing May 22)

"An awesome indie rock from the queen city of the south!"
Foc Fashion (performing May 22) Foc Fashion Photos by:

Also a 4-member band, Foc Fashion comes from Cebu City and the band is quite adept with progressive indie rock. Members are: Mark Sy- vocals and guitar, Erwin Batucan- bass and vocals, Bobby Olvido- guitar and vocals and Miguel Saballa- drums. Their tagline: An awesome indie rock from the queen city of the south!

The band is affiliated with the Hoodist Records of Cebu and the Ineffable Operations. The band had performed in the Monastery playing several songs that include: "Drive me to Juliet", "Never ending Weekend", among other hits.

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Deanery Band (performing May 30)

"We're going to make music whether or not people will get it or respond to it... We'll get a reason for them to see how many emotions we invested on it..."
Deanery Band (performing May 30) Deanery Band Photos by:

Also a home grown Cebu City native, the Deanery band is composed of: Luigi Inaki- guitars, Amy Karen- bass, Carlo Miguel-drums and Julius Caesar- guitars/ vocals. Formed in 2006, the band's fortes include New wave/ Brit pop/ Post-punk/ Indie rock. However, they have no record label as they are an independent group. Some of their influences include Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Stone Roses and more.

The band statement: "We're going to make music whether or not people will get it or respond to it... We'll get a reason for them to see how many emotions we invested on it..."

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Dropout Club (performing June 6)

"Getting drunk is sober"
Dropout Club (performing June 6) Dropout Club Photos by:

Their tagline: "getting drunk is sober". Drop Out Club (DOC) is a 7-member all boys band that also hails from Cebu City and is actually a "crazy rock party" (whatever that is) enthusiast. The members are: Lomel Popera, Francis Gerald, Aikee Vestil, Kimoy Birondo, Patrick Credo Virtucio, Kai Maningo and Adrian Miguel Nellas.

Listen to this testimony of DJ Indy about the DOC: "Drop Out Club's music is definitely different from the other bands here in Cebu. Mixing hip-hop beats and rock with just a hint of jazz, blues and reggae to create tunes that want to make you jump and dance to. They've been playing since 2009 and are currently working on an EP, leading towards a debut album. The band has played in a number of notable events such as the Sonic Boom Sinulog Blast Off and a number of Sonic Boom gigs. They've also fronted for bands like Franco, Powerspoonz, Queso and Greyhoundz".

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The Cebu Republic Community

Cebu Republic, an organization launched on July 18, 2014 by the people who just love Cebu. As they attested, “To explore Cebu with the City's most trusted entertainment guide, powered by local experts. Finding what are hot restaurants, beaches, hotels, bars, events and reviews.” So, as part of their solemn duties, they are sponsoring this event to give local talents a chance to shine.

Composed mainly of writers and professionals, Cebu Republic members were passionate about Cebu's fascinating nightlife, its historical heritage, its wild and crazy bargain shopping, its beautiful island resorts, its crunchy and crispy lechon and so much more that will make the city an economic powerhouse in the future.

The members claimed, the primary reason they have founded the republic is to educate the people the way they experience Cebu, and consequently make them aware of the city's potential, its great fun and pleasure, and the fact that there are so many things to explore and discover in Cebu.

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