The Top 5 Bargain Shopping Places in Cebu

Cebu Republic   December 20, 2015   Shopping

Queen City of the South, which is famous for its white sandy beaches, hospitable people and numerous tourist spots, is also a shopper’s paradise. It houses a myriad of shops from upscale malls to bargain shopping places, and offers the traveler various choices.

The contemporary malls offer branded items, boutique shops, designer clothes as well as restaurants, entertainment centers and movie theaters while there are also stores with native goods, novelty items, jewelery, bamboo furniture and handicraft in street markets.
Here are the top 5 shopping places in Cebu that offer bargain shopping.


Carbon Market

M. C. Briones St, Cebu City | Cebu, Philippines
Carbon Carbon Market (Photo by:

Carbon market is Cebu's oldest market, and still thriving with shops of various inexpensive souvenirs and other items. The place is known for very cheap handicrafts, flowers and food. The clothes, shoes and handicraft items in shops are mostly available in bulk or wholesale so you can get great bargain deals. With its amazingly cheap prices, Carbon market is a haven for retailers and business people; and though, tourists seldom visit the place, it is a great way of enjoying Cebu and the real feel of Philippine islands.


Colon Street

Colon Street in the downtown area of Cebu | Cebu City, Philippines
Colon Colon Street (Photo by:

Best known as the Philippines’ oldest street, Colon is the core of downtown Cebu and the heart of commercial activities. Be it bags, shoes, clothes, appliances, gadgets, jewellery or other items, shops in Colon Street offer them at lower prices than elsewhere. Colon Street has also movie houses, fast foods and big malls that offer items in budget price tags. The place has always been accessible, has plenty of people and a good stop for budget goods where one gets value for money.


Pasil Wet Market

C. Padilla Street, Cebu City | Cebu, Philippines
Pasil Pasil Wet Market

Located near Colon Street, at C. Padilla Street, fronting San Nicolas Parish Church, is Pasil Wet Market, the haven for the freshest lowest cost seafood and for those who want to get the best from their money. The usual peak time in the place is between 4 to 6 a.m., when the newly-caught goods like crabs, fish, shrimps and others arrive. You will see a messy and very busy scene and can buy a kilo of fresh fish at about P120 to 180 (US$ 4). It’s the freshest and best raw seafood at a low price.


Taboan Public Market

Pahina Central, Cebu City | Cebu, Philippines
Taboan Taboan Public Market

Lovers of dried fish will love to drop by Taboan Public Market, the biggest market for dried fish in the city, a characteristic of dried fish smell. Along with dried fish, Taboan also offers the delicious Cebu dried mangoes at inexpensive rates. Filipinos from other places like Manila complete their Cebu visit by going to Taboan market to buy dried squid and fish, some of the most favorite dishes in the Philippines. They can buy these at very low prices compared to groceries and are the best take-home delicacies for their families, relatives and friends. These native delicacies are also a must-try for non-Filipinos.

Street Street Markets

Among the cheapest places for inexpensive food and items are street markets found in many places. These markets spread almost everywhere as every barangay or village, usually have their own street market. Items are usually offered inexpensively in these markets.

For bargain shopping, Cebu offers various options. Since it has a lot of places for shopping from tourist and mid-range rates, these bargain shopping venues may not be the last choices. Most non-Cebu locals who visit them come with a guide from the locality who is really familiar with the place.

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