Barbecue Promotion @ Circa 1900

Bill Ryan P. Rances   June 29, 2015   Dining and Drinking News & Features

Cebu Republic was in for a treat at Circa 1900 when that old Filipino-American ancestral home turned restaurant launched its Barbecue Promotion on June 19, 2015.

Introducing Introducing Circa 1900's Family Platter, with a variety of grilled meats and side dishes Photos by: Oroku Saki Chongbit

Circa 1900, which opened fourteen months ago, is run and managed by Sydney-born Chef Steve and his Filipina wife, with their Head Chef Jun Moreno and their 15-man kitchen staff. The restaurant offers its customers a European-inspired menu with Japanese and Cebuano-Pinoy (Asian) fusion and flavor. It also offers its own style of food “streetcall” PPSST (like the expression “pssst!” used to holler or get attention of a certain person) which stands for pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads and toasties. Having been a chef for thirty years, with six and a half years in Cebu, his ingredients come from his organic garden which he personally cultivates in his backyard, thus enabling him to serve fresh “garden to table” goodness. On a personal note, it is like putting an Aussie touch on Pinoy delicacies.

Delectable Delectable desserts Photos by: Oroku Saki Chongbit

Chef Steve took us thru the night’s menu, starting with the appetizers – the local “bulinaw”, bread with pasta, chicken gizzard and liver, topped off with their house wine. On the main course, we were treated to a family platter of grilled beef (US ribeye, with black pepper and green mustard), pork, Persian chicken (marinated with tumeric and cardamom), prawns, miso-coated calamari (with mushrooms, mango seed sweet chili sauce, pork hoisin peanut sauce, aioli/mayonnaise, sesame seed sour sauce and teriyaki sauce), garden salad (barbecue specials), with miso and slight ginger/miron/coriander flavor, not overgrilled (with lemon and pepper marinate), mash potatoes and fried rice. On the sweet side, desserts include assorted cakes and double espresso coffee, beignet soufflé, pumpkin cake, red velvet cake and cheesecake with sweet red syrup.

Chef Chef Steve (left), takes us thru the night's menu, with Head Chef Jun Moreno standing by. Photos by: Oroku Saki Chongbit

I personally find the grilled family platter fantastic and appealing to my palate and that the cheesecake with sweet red syrup and a shot of their homebrewed double espresso coffee totally blew me away!

The The boys of Cebu Republic with new acquaintances Photos by: Oroku Saki Chongbit

Circa 1900 indeed takes you on a magical night nostalgia, taking you back in time with its classical rustic ambiance, soothing piano lounge music and good “fusion” food. Life is indeed good in the old days with Circa 1900!

    In-house music and piano lounge (click to see more pictures) (Photos by: Oroku Saki Chongbit)

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