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Still recovering from the recent devastation of super typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), the town of Medellin, located north of Cebu is now one of the top spots where tourists converge to witness and experience some of its breathtaking rides, adventures and nature tripping. Medellin is also dubbed as Cebu's Eco-tourism Adventure Capital.

One of its foremost attractions is located at Caputatan Norte, where the whole family would enjoy two zip lines, both of which bring flush adrenaline rush. One zip line runs through 130 meters above a sugarcane plantation where a 135-meter cable is suspended to give riders the ride of a lifetime. This includes a daring 15-foot jump, Tarzan-like leap from a platform set up on the edge of the cliff.

Another one is Gibitngil Island trip where the family could stretch the unspoiled 7 km of white sand coastline. Its pristine clear water and marine-life rich beaches could rival the Great Barrier reefs of the land down under. The rock formations are adequately preserved and maintained after million years of evolution.

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