Outdoor Adventures in Cebu that keep your Adrenaline Pumping

The Great Cebu Outdoor Exploits

Cebu Republic   April 24, 2015   Adventures & Sports Tours & Sightseeing

Breathtaking adventures are hard to come by. So, stand up hermits of the house! You must go out and hop to the best airline you have in mind and you could be off to Cebu. Yes, one of the most daring and greatest adventures you could have imagined in this island south of Manila, the Philippines. The beaches, mountains and the variety of land form in the island will make you wonder how nature produced these amazing sceneries. Add to that, the warmness of the people is vying for the warmness of the skies in Cebu.

Cebu Republic Rappelling Adventure

Campo 4, Talisay, Cebu

The Cebu Republic Rappelling Adventure will not left you "hanging"; in fact, it will make you climb and crawl. Rappelling is perfectly exciting and will boost your adrenaline till the sun comes down. One of the places best offered by the island in rappelling is by the bridge in the town of Talisay which lies within the Metro Cebu area so you do not have to go farther. The place is known as Campo 4 (literally, "fourth camp") and it is not a military camp!

By rappelling, we mean descending ( with a harness) a high or steep inclined structure by using two ropes secured above and placed around the body, the movement though, must be gradual so as not to hurt any part of your body. But the bridge is not inclined as you may wonder. Yes, it is not, and that is where the excitement is! You have nothing to grip but the rope and its buckles. Isn″t that exciting? Just like the training of marines and soldiers we see on television. This activity will certainly develop your quick thinking skill and you will sweat a lot and burn those cellulites! And if you think you are healthy enough, then this activity will maintain your figure and good health, and that is by rappelling basic stroke. You can do acrobatic moves while you are rappelling when you think that you are an expert enough to execute semi-stunt manoeuvres, like a lizard (in an upside down position and the butterfly stroke- not the swimming style though, but rappelling by descending using the breast)

Tandem Skydiving in Cebu

Bantayan Island Airport, Sta. Fe | Cebu, Philippines
Tandem Skydiving in Cebu
Tandem Skydiving in Cebu (Photos by: Skydive Greater CEBU)

Skydiving in the Philippines is still not widely-done; in fact, there are only two places in the country where skydiving are rampant, Pampanga and Cebu. In Cebu, there are diving centers catering to students who want to experience the rush in skydiving and their instructors are willing to train and accompany them at 10, 000 to 13,000 feet in the skies of the Queen City of the South, to jump from an aircraft and fly with the wind gushing within their faces. The excitements greatly enhance their ability to maneuver, together with their instructors and they learn.

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Matutinao Valley, Badian | Cebu, Philippines
Tandem Skydiving in Cebu
Canyoneering in Matutinao Valley, Badian

Canyoneering in Matutinao Valley with its numerous small waterfalls and fresh water pools. Flex your muscles going upstream to the top, free climb up, struggling against the force of the waterfalls and in the cool and clear waters of the river swim against the current. Don't be surprised if you see some loose monkeys, large monitor lizards and rare species of birds amidst unique rock formations and lush greenery. The place has a rich wildlife and vegetation.

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Rock Climbing

Cantabaco, Toledo City | Cebu, Philippines
Rock Climbing in Cantabaco, Toledo City
Rock Climbing in Cantabaco, Toledo City

If you″re looking for the solid rock climbing experience, you might be surprised that the rock climber″s mecca is located here in Cebu. Try out this exhilarating experience of a lifetime at the rock climbing site in Cantabaco, Toledo City, Cebu!

Go spelunking in Igotan Cave

Barangay Jaclupan, Talisay City, Cebu

Caving could make you crawl to wet and damp places especially at the Igotan (or Igutan) Cave also in Talisay (specifically at Brgy. Jaclupan). But this doesn't mean that you will be terrified by creatures inside the cave, there are only non-evasive bats, and they are quite intriguing to be with.

This cave is quiet, has a relaxing atmosphere and a narrow pathway; you have to crawl to pass through, while your feet touch the flowing water. The distance from its entrance and halfway through it is estimated between 100 and 200 meters and it is quite challenging traversing the path going to the innermost part because of its rocky and slippery terrain. There are million year-old stalactites and an awesome rock formation that probably took thousands of years to form. What an amazing find! And not only that, while trailing the narrow passageway, inside of the cave, there is a waterfall, with its crystal clear water flowing majestically like purl glass with its purity and all, you could drench through it and feel the cool water!

Mountain Climbing in Osmena Peak

Mantalongon, Dalaguete Cebu
Mountain Climbing in Osmeña Peak, Mantalongon, Dalaguete Cebu (Photos by: Dennis Carpio denniscarpio.com)

Once you are in Cebu, you can never stop rolling the outdoor adventures you want. You could climb the Osmeña Peak located at Mantalongon, Dalaguete Cebu, and savour the pristine mountain. You could also camp at the Peak. Don″t forget to bring jackets as the wind would make you chill at the peak of the mountain. If you want to experience trekking and climbing solid rock formation that is designed to stretch your ligaments, you would consider the island's well-known site at Cantabaco, Toledo City in Cebu. The condition is appropriately conducive to one of the premier adventures you could do in the island. And what is that, you may ask.

These were only the highlights and some of your interest for going to Cebu, and you must be prepared for the activities like bringing light clothes, lunch and dinner (also for your snacks and if you do like to stay late in the evening), flashlight, extra clothes when you decide to drenched all wet, a camera to document your excitement and some other stuff you deemed necessary, but not to overload your baggage.

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