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Skydiving in the Philippines is still not widely-done; in fact, there are only two places in the country where skydiving are rampant, Pampanga and Cebu. In Cebu, there are diving centers catering to students who want to experience the rush in skydiving and their instructors are willing to train and accompany them at 10, 000 to 13,000 feet in the skies of the Queen City of the South, to jump from an aircraft and fly with the wind gushing within their faces. The excitements greatly enhance their ability to maneuver, together with their instructors and they learn.

Tandem Tandem Skydive (Photos by: Skydive Greater Cebu)

In Cebu, jumping through the sky could be made in either of the drop zones (DZ) allowed by the authorities. These DZs are pinpointed near the Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA), and they are in Camotes Island or Tagbilaran Airports. Starting point would be at the MCIA and then, the aircraft would traverse through cross-province flight and the divers will do their thing at any of the said airport as landing site (DZ).

One of the diving gurus that Cebu had, and their presence are felt at the Skydive Greater Cebu center which is an affiliate drop zone of Skydive Greater Kankakee, Illinois and Skydive Greater Michigan City. The instructor is the owner (Brad Vancina, a certified USPA Tandem, AFF instructor, and S&TA-safety and training advisor) of the two diving centers, with more than 13,000 skydives tucked under his belt.

Tandem Tandem Skydive (Photos by: Skydive Greater Cebu)

Tandem skydive is considered the safest, and the most fun way of enjoying the greatest adventure of skydiving. By this method, a trainee is harnessed to the instructor who commands the exit on the aircraft, controlling freefall, piloting the canopy and landing the tandem safely to the designated drop zone. That would require tremendous courage for the student to dive for the first time.

Tandem Group Skydive (Photos by: Skydive Greater Cebu)

Skydive Greater Cebu center offers brief instructional class then followed by a “how to” video. During the dive, the center and the instructor guarantee enjoyment of an exciting canopy descent with an “eagle’s eye view” of the breathtaking site of Bantayan Island. Certificate of completion will then be issued to successful greenhorn divers. All of the diving instructors are certified by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) so that you could be assured that you are in safe and gracious hands when you decide to give skydiving a try. However, there is a weight limit before you could dive. Weight exceeding 250 lb (114 kg), and that is body weight, are not eligible to dive. And why is that? You see, weight exceeding the limit is considered injury prone when diving. A beginner is required to wear about 35 lb (16 kg) of equipment, and any additional weight may endure opening shock, maneuver the canopy, lands and there is the possibility of trudging great distances on the foot.

Tandem Skydive Solo (Photos by: Skydive Greater Cebu)

Skydiving may not be for everyone but there is great possibility that you may experience the dive, even though you are a heavyweight, you could start to lose weight now or lose your chance. For those who have successfully tried the first time, Skydive Greater Cebu guarantees also that every jump meet the highest standard of safety and they keep upgrading their equipment, and their planes are being checked by a third-party inspector, meaning maintenance and engineering are being done by other people, then they themselves do the re-checking to satisfy the requirements provided by law and by clients.

Tandem Skydiving in Bantayan, Cebu (Photos by: Skydive Greater Cebu)

Although skydiving is something new in Cebu, the industry is growing and kicking. Some find the activity therapeutic, they suspect skydiving indulges mental and physical de-stressing that made their mind and body relaxed after a breathtaking high jump. Maybe you should try once and if ever you feel the gut, then it might be good for you, just shed away those bulges and you’re off for a great adventure only Cebu could offer.

  • Skydive Greater Cebu

  • Address: Bantayan Island Airport
  • Santa Fe, Cebu, Philippines 6047
  • Contact: +63923 875 1689
  • Website: www.skydivecebu.com

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