Cebu's Magnificent Zip Lines

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When somebody wants to fly and create an illusion of levitating in the sky, even for a few minutes, you can do it in Cebu. Zip lining had never been so exciting when you do it above the wilderness of Cebu. We have discovered some of Cebu's best Zip liners, and you will discover the uniqueness of each facility. After you soaked in the beaches and waterfalls of Cebu, zip lining could be added to complete your activity for the day, and it will not going to be boring. Zip on!

Cebu's Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon

Cebu's Magnificent Zip Lines


Doce Pares (Twelve Pairs) Mountain Training Park

Barangay Malubog, Busay | Cebu, Philippines
Doce Doce Pares (Twelve Pairs) Mountain Training Park, Busay, Cebu(Photo by: nursekevintheexplorer)

There are so many Zip line operators in Cebu; one is the Doce Pares (Twelve Pairs) Mountain Training Park, located in Barangay Malubog in the town of Busay. This facility caters to all clients (man, woman and child-but they should be properly guided and the age has limit) and can be easily accessible with its zip line length of 180 meters at altitude of more than 50 meters. The zip line ride roughly cost PHP100 and it could generate you tons of adrenaline rush enough to burn you some calories, plus the excitement of a lifetime. The park, operated by Doce Pares International is actually a training camp for martial arts enthusiasts and the zip line is intended for aerial combat.

Ever wonder why it is called a zip. Well, it is not related to zip code in any way, a zip for this matter refers to the metal wire where the pulleys are mounted, it must be strong enough to support the weight and the stress created by the rider multiple times so as not to break the zip. The zip is inclined; the rider uses the force of gravity to transfer from the highest to the lowest point of the line.


Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon

Silot Bay, Liloan | Cebu, Philippines
Papa Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon

While in Silot Bay, Poblacion in the town of Liloan, you could find Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon. Yes! Their zip line is above the lagoon! You would surely live if ever, by accident you fell, the lagoon will serve as your saving grace! The zip line though is 800 meters, almost a kilometer long, and one of the longest in Cebu. The ride costs PHP200, and if ever you don't know, zip lining could help you de-stress and burn a good amount of calorie given the adrenaline rush it would inject on your system, that is quite fascinating! And that is a different paradigm working out in a gym.


Danasan Adventure Park

Barangay Danasan, Danao City | Cebu, Philippines
Danasan Danasan Adventure Park(Photo by: blogginfoodie)

Absolute excitement is what zip lining had given to some, perhaps you could be one of them. If you want an average length ride, you may wish to ride the Danasan Adventure Park's 440-meter long and 15 meter high zip line and pay PHP220 for the rush. The pay also includes precious minutes of horseback ride around the 133-hectare paradise; this park is located at the heart of Barangay Danasan, Danao City Cebu. And not only that! The park also boasts of fresh water springs, friendly caves and lots of activities to choose from, among them are: wall climbing, hiking, biking, rappelling, waterfall trekking and wake boarding.


K33 A Green Adventure

Ga-as, Balamban | Cebu, Philippines
K33 K33 A Green Adventure (Photo by:

If you want a very brief ride on a zip line, you may opt to retreat to the K33 A Green Adventure based in the hills of Ga-as, Balamban, Cebu, where the ride just takes 28 to 33 seconds (and that is not where the name of the place originated) cruising the 330-meter elevated highway on a metal wire. But the return path will take almost 44 seconds trailing a 220-meter air wire. And mind you, you pay by the position you like to fly. Say, if you want a superman position, you pay PHP180, while the sitting position is much cheaper at PHP150.


Adventure Café - Ga-as Eco Adventure Park

Moalboal | Cebu, Philippines
Adventure Adventure Café - Ga-as Eco Adventure Park (Photo by:

And finally, we settled to the first resto-adventure café in the Philippines, and we are talking about the Adventure Café owned by the Ga-as Eco Adventure Park and also offers zip lining that have never been duplicated in the country. After zip lining, you could dine with the resto's prepared menu for a much discounted prices, to boost your stamina to try other activities offered by the park. The zip line is a 260-meter cable ropes that has an option rappelling down (180 feet), then climbing up again from the base. Different activities though, entail different costs. But there are still many courses that you could be taking, such as, hiking, trekking, rope courses, bouldering ( the art of climbing large boulders), spelunking (exploration of caves), guided falls among other courses.

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