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One of the greatest pleasures in life, besides sex and counting money is the pure enjoyment of deliciously good food, Now this will naturally have different origins, prepared and cooked by chefs in different styles and served on the dining table with different sauces, dips or side dishes. They will all however, pass through a common tasting, biting and chewing channel we all know as the human mouth. It is here, where, like a trial court, a dish is judged guilty or not guilty of seducing and raping one’s palate.

Through the years, Cebu, having evolved into a bustling tourist gateway to the central and southern parts of the country is now home to hundreds of big and small, luxury and budget-type restaurants catering to gourmets and gourmands, the fussy, picky eater and the eat-anything-on-a-plate kind of eater.

If savoring great food is your trip … if it gives you a terrific rush, read on.


The Best Lechon at Rico's Lechon

Located at Highway 77, Talamban in Cebu City is Rico's Lechon, a restaurant where you'll find the best-tasting, most flavorful lechon (roasted pig) in the country.
It's so good, it's known to be ordered, flown and enjoyed in Manila by its rich and moneyed residents. This surprises no one because this whole pig is roasted slowly over an even spread of open charcoal to ensure it comes out completely golden brown when done. Its glistening skin is fantastically crispy people nearby hear the crunch when you bite it.
Lechon Cebu at Rico's Lechon is prepared using green onions, local salt harnessed from the sea, organic lemon grass, peppers and other home grown herbs and spices which gives it a full flavor in itself requiring no sauce or dip unlike with the traditional Filipino lechon.

CrispyAlejandro's Filipino Resto

Crispy Pata at Alejandro's Filipino Resto

It is bruited about as the most popular, most delicious Crispy Pata (Deep-fried Pig's thigh) in the whole of Cebu. It must be. Alejandro's at the Century Plaza Commercial center on Juana Osmeña Street, after all, has been serving this and satisfying customers for the last 20 years. There's no denying its amazing flavor and taste. It's crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft as cotton on the inside, it almost melts in your mouth.

TunaSTK Ta Bai at Paolito's Seafood House

Tuna Panga at STK Ta Bai at Paolito's Seafood House

While it serves various types of seafood dishes, Paolito's Seafood House on Orchid Street in Cebu is really famous for its Tuna Panga (Grilled Tuna jaw). It's served straight from the charcoal pit still steaming and deliciously smelling of its special herbs and spices with which it is prepared. It's a gastronomic delight you shouldn't miss when in Cebu. Adding to the enjoyment of the restaurant's culinary array is its sort of vintage ambience coming out from this once-upon-a-time ancestral home turned into a favorite eating place.


Abuhan Dos Restaurant and its memorable Pochero

With 3 branches to its name in Cebu, Abuhan Dos restaurant makes itself accessible for lots of customers to enjoy the dish they've become famous for – Pochero. Pochero is a pork stew of Spanish origin. It's cooked with Spanish sausages, lots of chopped onions and tomatoes, vegetables, special type of bananas, sweet fried potatoes, chick peas and a little bit of pepper. Abuhan dos Restaurant gives it its magic touch and you've got a great dish everybody loves.

SutukilMarlen Limpag

Sutukil Dining with Fresh Seafood by the Mactan Waters

In the vicinity of the Mactan Shrine in Lapu-Lapu, City in Cebu is a cluster of restaurants which serves the freshest seafood … the local fishermen's catch of the day. You choose from these and the restaurants will cook these 3 ways – Sutukil 1) Su for Sugba (grilled) 2) Tu for Tula (broth) 3) Kil for Kilaw (Made into raw fish salad). Needless to say, they all come out deliciously.


Larsian Barbecue in Cebu

Larsian is an open-air strip of barbecue stands grilling tasty, tender chunks of pork, chicken parts and seafood in a open pit. Situated at Fuente Osmeña, Cebu you'll have your food served in 15 minutes. Perfect for a good, quick bite.


Lechon Manok ni Sr. Pedro

This one's a chain of over 200 outlets of grilled chicken (whole or parts) spread all over cebu. It's pretty much like the concept of roasted pig (Lechon) except this uses chicken. Deliciously roasted to a golden brown and tender on the inside, it's a fast and inexpensive treat for anybody.

Café Laguna's Kare-Kare

Kare-kare is a sort of a thick beef or pork stew using knuckles, boiled to extreme tenderness and mixed with lots of vegetables. With its peanut-based sauce it comes with a savory flavor that is complemented with a side dish made of fish roe or real tiny fish or shrimps. It's the specialty of the house at Café Laguna operating at the Ayala Center.


Kinilaw at Kaona Grill

Kinilaw is about very fresh raw fish cubed and soaked into high-end type of vinegar with onions, ginger and lots of hot chili peppers and served as an appetizer or a side dish. Kaona Grill of Cebu does it best.


The Good Old-fashioned Utan Bisaya

Not only is this great-tasting. It's nutritious too. Almost a part of the Filipino culture, it's a light soup made with shrimps and oodles of vegetables that are not overcooked so that their nutrients and vitamins remain. Mothers of yesteryears used to cook this at home. Now they're served at most mid-size restaurants in Cebu.


The Best Clam soup at Chikaan

Along Salinas Drive in Lahug, Cebu is Chikaan, famous among Cebuanos for its range of Filiino dishes. What stands out though is its specially-concocted version of Clam soup made out of fresh giant clams, a few veggies, ginger and spices and a flavorful broth.


Merlenes Restaurant and its Fish Larang

Merlenes Restaurant in Pardo, Cebu serves an old Filipino dish known as Larang with Fresh Molmol (parrot fish) as its main morsel-ingredient saute'ed with fermented black bean and herbs and spices. Its taste is so flavorful, it's become the crowd attraction at Merlenes.


Barbecue at Jo's Chicken Inato

In the business of grilling great-tasting barbecue chicken and parts for the past 18 years, Jo's chicken Inato has captured the eating fancy of most Cebuanos not only because of its delectable servings but because it doesn't cost too much to enjoy what's in the menu.


Pinakbet sa Lighthouse

Known to have its roots from the Northern region, the Ilocos, Pinakbet is a multi-vegetable based dish with a bit of a bitter, tangy taste due to the bitter melon. Lots of people though, just love it. Lighthouse in Cebu has captured this gourmet-type of eaters who are passionate about Okras and eggplants and cabbage and squash and just about any kind of vegetable that gets into Pinakbet.


Fresh Shrimps at Bucket Shrimps

Forget the ambience. Forget the location on Orchid Street. Bucket shrimps is good-eating, big time! Their fresh shrimps may come in steamed, stir-fried or saute'ed with lots of garlic and coconut milk. However way you'd prefer them, these shrimps are served hot or sizzling and tasting incredibly good.


Great Barbeque at Matias

Along Fortuna St. in Cebu stands Matias Inato Food Haus and his delectable chicken barbecue. It's packed most of the time because his grilled chicken barbecue is so tasty, customers just keep coming back. They say the winning formula is in it's marinating of the meat


Enjoying Baked Scallops and Grilled Squid at AA BBQ

At the entrance of AA BBQ, you'll see an array of different meat and fish and squid in their marinade sauces. Choose the scallops. Have them bake it. Then also have some squids grilled and your night's made. These are some of the best tasting dishes at AA BBQ. Don't be shy. They accept orders for 2nd servings.


Pandan Chicken at Hukad

Hukad is at the Terraces of Ayala commercial Center and if you haven't tried their pandan Chicken, you're missing some delightful eating, When served, you can already smell the aroma and goodness of the whole dish. Bite into it and you'll taste a meat so tender, so succulent. its taste something else!


Crispy Boneless Tilapia at La mesa Grill

One f the best-tasting fish in the country is Tilapia. When it's been rendered boneless, marinated in a special recipe and fried to a crackling crisp, you've got a wonder dish you'll just want to keep savoring. That's what La Mesa Grill at SM shopping Mall offers.


Tender Steak at Casa Verde

Casa Verde is one of the high-end dining places in Cebu. It offers Spanish cuisine prepared and served in the old Castillian home style. Their steak, tender and delicious to the last bite is one of its crowd draws.

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It delights you to taste great food? Take time out when in Cebu to discover the culinary treats the City has to offer. It's almost endless!

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