There’s Never a Dull Moment in Cebu

Cebu Republic   July 30, 2014   Adventures & Sports Tours & Sightseeing

“I’m bored with this place. There’s nothing to do!” You won’t often hear this complaint from a tourist. But you do. It’s sad and regrettable, for the place and for the visiting traveler. But it’s true. You, sometimes get this woeful frustration with some tourist spot. We’ve Got Good News for You! You won’t ever, never ever hear such words uttered when you’re in Cebu!.


Cebu Sky Experience

Bored? Not when you’re walking precariously on the narrow, outside ledge of a multi-storied building like the roof of the Crown Regency Hotel in the city’s central business district …not when the cars and trucks and people you see moving from about 15-17 stories below look like ants and tiny bugs while you straddle along the side of the building almost hugging it because you’re strapped to the building panel only with an elastic cord. Sure the operators of the Cebu Sky Experience will swear by its safety features. But, who knows ... Neither will you feel bored when you try out the first-in-the-world Sky Coaster, where you ride in a small car and it suddenly tilts out away from the same multi-storied building into the ground below. When you go for any of these nerve-wracking, heart-pounding, let’s-see-if-you’ve-got-cojones experiences offered at Cebu Sky Experience, take our word for it …It’s not the time to be bored.


CEBU Motocross

There’s a network of remote and rough mountain roads and trails perfect for motor bikers. You or an adventure-leaning tourist need only to hire a motor bike and explore these areas on your own or you can join a guided tour around the islands. Some of these are still virgin paths and trails, unexplored and untraveled and there lies the challenge for you to do so or you may just simply enjoy cruising along the scenic countryside and coastal highway as you circle the island following the shoreline with its breathtaking scenes of nature’s wonders.


Whale Sharks Watching Or... Swimming With Them

Tanawan, Oslob in the south eastern part of Cebu is now famously known as the site for experiencing the rare sight of amazing whale sharks diving in and out and playing in the ocean. It is during the good weather, when the water is clear that these whale sharks come out. They’re huge and massive and are never known to be fiercely violent. So you can swim with them.. subject to government rules … No feeding No approaching them less than 5 feet. Cameras can’t have a flash… but you can swim with them, if you’ve got what it takes!


Swimming And Diving In Cebu’s Pristine Islands

No. Unfortunately, Cebu does not have any of those remote deserted, tiny islands where you could get stranded with Angelina Jolie or Piolo Pascual. What Cebu has are spectacularly beautiful, good-size islands and beaches with white sands looking and feeling like refined processed sugar and blue waters where you can go free-diving, snorkeling or scuba diving to marvel at the everyday spectacles happening in the underwater world. There’s MACTAN ISLAND and its many beaches, reachable from the downtown area in 45 -60 minutes. MOALBOAL BEACHES are a couple of hours destination. The trip is worth it though because of their long stretches of almost untouched, immaculately white shorelines. LILOAN BEACHES offer another side of cebu where families can better bond with each other via picnics, barbecue cook-outs, swimming and karaoke-type singing. Snorkeling around coral reefs of untouched nature with interesting species of small tropical fishes, several kinds of corals, a huge sand-sea-and-sun area to explore are what you’ll find at NALUSUAN ISLAND located between sandbars of Bohol Island. Another great marine destination is HILUTUNGAN ISLAND. It’s a dive spot fast getting to be known for its amazing fish and marine sanctuary where you can see and fleetingly touch tropical fishes up close and almost personal. Snorkelers and experienced divers have made this one of their favorite islands-paradise.


Cebu River Climbing In Matutinao Valley

Perhaps on your last day, as icing on the cake, you may want to try River Climbing in Matutinao Valley with its numerous small waterfalls and fresh water pools. Flex your muscles going upstream to the top, free climb up, struggling against the force of the waterfalls and in the cool and clear waters of the river swim against the current. Don’t be surprised if you see some loose monkeys, large monitor lizards and rare species of birds amidst unique rock formations and lush greenery. The place has a rich wildlife and vegetation.


Olango Island Adventure Tour

This 1-day experience at the Olango Island is one not easy to forget. It’s about visiting native homes and tasting wine made from coconuts. It climaxes with a kayak ride on a high tide. truly a rare adventure you’d treasure. In the months between September and March, which are the migratory season, you’d see the bird sanctuary serving as a stop-over in this island for thousands of migratory birds on their way to New Zealand or Australia. Seeing this as one giant flock covering the sky is awesome.


Danasan Eco Adventure Park

From Danao city, Cebu, you may reach this spectacular destination in Barangay Danasan in an hour by car. It’s a 133 hectare spread of natural wonders that includes 3 fairly huge, fascinating caves. a gushing waterfalls with 3 stomach-wrenching drops, several fresh water springs and a man-made picture-perfect lake. Adventure? It’s got a wide array of eco-friendly pseudo-sports like wake boarding, the long zipline, horseback riding or plain hiking and trekking to explore the splendor of this astounding place.


Family Fishing at Co Jordan in Cebu

One week-end getaway spot that’s sure to be a big hit with the family, especially the kids is this quaint, little fishing area known as Co Jordan. As you get into the place cute little nipa huts standing on stilts right in the lake strikes you as a comfortable, sort of laid-back spot where you park your things, grill or cook your own food along with the fishes that the kids are sure to bag. A brisk half-hour drive from the heart of Cebu City, Co Jordan has hundreds of milkfish just jumping in and out of the lake. The kids don’t have to wait long for them to experience the thrill and excitement of pulling in their catch.


Kawasan Falls

Somewhere south of Moalboal island in the town of Badian is another place of nature wonder known as Kawasan Falls. It’s got three waterfalls that lead down to their clear emerald-green waters which you can traverse on a bamboo raft while enjoying the sights or simply jump into its refreshing coolness or have a picnic with friends along the base of the waterfall. Very popular with the locals and foreign tourists, it may tend to be crowded during the summer.

Enjoy Cebu. It beckons with a promise to keep your adrenaline pumping every hour of your visit.

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