Cebu Dares You To Try Its Thrills!

Cebu Republic   May 28, 2014   Adventures & Sports

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Should one do less than what Cebuanos do when in Cebu? No. There are numerous adrenaline-pumping activities one can do in this amazing island province in the Philippines that won’t cost you an arm and a leg (I’m talking figuratively) unless, of course, you’re the butter-finger, accident-prone, can’t-follow-directions type, in which case you might take this statement literally.

Seriously, I’d like to walk you through several of these fun things you could do in Cebu. You might perhaps, have done one or two of these at some previous time or another, so you would be familiar with the exhilarating rush one would experience with that sense of new adventure and “danger”.

Here goes:


Go Swimming with the Whale sharks

Some 3 hour ride from Cebu city is Oslob, one of the more popular, well-known tourist spots in the island. This is where you’ll find these gigantic underwater creatures – the whale sharks, known domestically as “Butanding”. They’re not generally fast-movers. They feed mostly through filter-feeding and therefore safe to swim and be around with. They only eat people whose legs look like Christmas legs of ham. Just kidding. No. They don’t eat people.


Experience the Sky Experience Adventure

In the heart of Cebu city is a place where you can literally “get high”.  This is where you ride a carnival-like coaster that will bring you to new heights (several stories high) and bring you down with your guts rushing up your throat. It is said thousands have conquered their fear of heights by experiencing this.


Climb The Osmena Peak, (1000 mts above sea level)

You’ll have to sweat some as you go on an hour or two trekking from Mantalongon market all the way to the top, from where you’ll have a heaven’s view of the island of Negros while feeling refreshed by the cool mountain air.


Go cliff-jumping

It’s at Funstastic island in Medellin, Cebu that one finds a jumping spot at approximately 3 stories high (30 mts). There’s another cliff-jumping spot in Malapascua Island that’s 50 mts high. Are you bold enough to try this? Have you got the guts to surge off from the cliff top and jump into the water?  Me? I’d go dizzy just jumping off from my bed!


Go spelunking

If you’re not a claustrophobe, (one with extreme fear of enclosed places) you might enjoy crawling inside mother earth and exploring the world of stalagmites and stalactites, dark caves and squeeze-tight holes. Binuthan, Igotan, Bayukbuk and Salay caves in Cebu are the known cavernous spots you might want to try exploring to enjoy a sense of discovery.

I know. You’d probably like to catch your breath. Well, there’s more. There’s this high intensity sport known as wakeboarding, sports activity service you’ll find at Danasan Eco Park and Full H Wakeboarding Park. There’s scuba and free diving if you’d like to venture and explore Cebu’s deep underwater world. The islands around are the best places to enjoy this recreational sport. And lots more! The thing is … I want you to have fun discovering for yourselves some of the other wonderful things you could do while vacationing in Cebu. Enjoy!

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